AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-03-23upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-7Thayne McCombs
Include aarch64 architecture
2022-03-19Change wayland-protocols to makedepThayne McCombs
Because it isn't actually needed at runtime
2021-03-22upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-6Thayne McCombs
2021-03-22upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-6Thayne McCombs
2021-02-14Ignore .zst filesThayne McCombs
2021-02-14upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-5Thayne McCombs
Update the checksum for the package. It seems there was an upstream change that impacted the timestamp of the tarball.
2020-12-18upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-4Thayne McCombs
Remove pkg-config from makedeps because it is part of base-devel.
2020-04-26upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-3Thayne McCombs
Add pkg-config as make dependency
2020-04-14upgpkg: wev 1.0.0-2Thayne McCombs
Fix pkgdesc and use a better name for the tarball
2020-03-29Initial upload: wev 1.0.0-1Thayne McCombs