AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-04-17Bump versionEm Zhan
2021-10-16Fix makedependsEm Zhan
2021-10-16Update version, remove workaround, and fix licenseEm Zhan
2021-03-08Bump versionEm Zhan
Previous version was removed, see first paragraph of
2021-02-24Add missing makedepends for workaroundEm Zhan
2021-02-24Bump versionEm Zhan
No longer needs patched makefile but now needs a workaround for hard links in tarball causing nonzero exit code from bsdtar
2021-02-17Upgrade for v3.0.0Em Zhan
Now uses the built-in statically linked libraries instead of trying to modify the makefile to work with Arch dependencies. See for details.
2019-09-22new upstreamgraziano.giuliani
2018-12-13new upstreamgraziano.giuliani
2017-02-23new upstreamgraziano.giuliani
2016-11-05added PIC flaggraziano.giuliani
2016-10-09new upstreamgraziano.giuliani
2016-07-15new upstreamgraziano.giuliani
2015-12-24New upstream versiongraziano.giuliani
2015-07-04Initial importgraziano.giuliani