AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-23Updated to 1.4-51 releaseHarsha Kuchampudi
2019-03-15No new features. Better compliance with Arch Linux PKGBUILD standardsHarsha Kuchampudi
2018-10-03Updated for 1.3-19 releaseHarsha Kuchampudi
2018-07-23Restored i386 sourceHarsha Kuchampudi
2018-07-19Updated .SRCINFO with updated package informationHarsha Kuchampudi
2018-07-19Updated PKGBUILD with correct URL to new version and updated SHA256 sumsHarsha Kuchampudi
2018-04-04Windscribe CLI v1.1Harsha Kuchampudi
2017-11-17Changed supported architecture to x86_64 because offical binaries only suppor...Harsha Kuchampudi
2017-11-17Changed .SRCINFOHarsha Kuchampudi
2017-11-17Fixed systemd service by including ExecStop parameter which should prevent th...Harsha Kuchampudi
2017-08-01Incremental package update to fix previous commit issueHarsha Kuchampudi
2017-08-01Fixed issue where /etc/windscribe directory is not createdHarsha Kuchampudi
2017-07-29First AUR commitHarsha Kuchampudi