AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-20Sync from GitHub ( Reimer
2020-03-07Sync from GitHub ( Reimer
2020-03-01Update wine-lol (5.3)Manuel Reimer
2020-02-16Move closing bracket back to the end of the last checksumManuel Reimer
2020-02-16Remove useless trailing whitespaceManuel Reimer
2020-02-13Update to Wine 5.1 (#44)dreadsend
2019-11-21Update .SRCINFOManuel Reimer
2019-11-21Some documentation and cleanupManuel Reimer
2019-11-20Add patch for 9.23 (#39)Jaume Delclòs
2019-11-20Update to 4.20 (#37)dreadsend
2019-10-12Add LoL 9.20 patch and disable user32-rawinput patchsetManuel Reimer
2019-10-06Merge pull request #27 from dreadsend/masterManuel Reimer
2019-09-29Wine 4.17Julian Sperling
2019-09-17Wine 4.16Manuel Reimer
2019-09-11Merge pull request #26 from dreadsend/masterManuel Reimer
2019-09-08Update from Wine 4.14 to 4.15Julian Sperling
2019-08-25Merge pull request #22 from dreadsend/masterManuel Reimer
2019-08-24Update from Staging Version 4.13 to 4.14Julian Sperling
2019-08-06Version 4.13Manuel Reimer
2019-07-08Update (4.12.1)Manuel Reimer
2019-05-30Upgrade to wine 4.9, add yay fixManuel Reimer
2019-05-26Readd 64bit dependencies (they contain the includes)Manuel Reimer
2019-05-25Make wine-lol use wine-lol-glibc from /optManuel Reimer
2019-05-25Make wine-lol install in parallel to other wine packagesManuel Reimer
2019-05-19Add wine stub fixManuel Reimer
2019-05-17Fix wine.installManuel Reimer
2019-05-17Rename to "wine-lol". Add fix for patch 9.10Manuel Reimer
2018-08-22Make PKGBUILD create unchanged wine-staging 3.14 (until official update arrives)Manuel Reimer
2018-08-05Back out ntdll-futex-condition-var patchsetManuel Reimer
2018-08-05Add fix for 8.15 crashManuel Reimer
2018-08-05Added LOL patchset.Manuel Reimer
2018-08-05Imported official wine-staging PKGBUILDManuel Reimer