AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-07Update .SRCINFOHugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2019-10-07Remove pcap dependencyHugo "ThePooN" Denizart
Broke new builds after a recent Arch Linux libpcap package upgrade.
2018-08-04Revert "Release 3.13-1"Hugo "ThePooN" Denizart
This reverts commit 67a755681cbeab9ba0ac6a8d554179ead93bcc74. Patch needed some rework for this release and the latency has regressed.
2018-08-02Release 3.13-1Hugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-07-13Release 3.12-1Hugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-06-25Update .SRCINFOHugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-06-25Update to Wine 3.11Hugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-06-16Release 3.10-2Hugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-06-16Move Wine dependencies that osu! relies on to hard dependenciesHugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-06-16Set Upstream URL to my blog articleHugo "ThePooN" Denizart
2018-06-15Initial commitHugo "ThePooN" Denizart