AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-30wire-desktop-beta: 3.10.2904Maxim Baz
2019-06-17wire-desktop-beta: 3.9.2895Maxim Baz
2019-03-29wire-desktop-beta: 3.8.2894Maxim Baz
2019-03-14wire-desktop-beta: 3.7.2891Maxim Baz
2019-02-19wire-desktop-beta: update .SRCINFOMaxim Baz
2019-02-19wire-desktop-beta: align with wire-desktopMaxim Baz
2019-02-19Fix issue in wire-desktop-beta PKGBUILD Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-02-18Remove node-addressbook in wire-desktop-beta PKGBUILD Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-02-18Merge new wire-desktop-beta PKGBUILD and bump version Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-01-10wire-desktop: use 4 spaces for tabMaxim Baz
2018-12-31wire-desktop: better way to read system electron versionMaxim Baz
2018-12-31wire-desktop: compile native extensions against correct electron version (#4)Maxim Baz
2018-12-30Update wire-desktop-beta and -git, -beta doesn't conflict with wire-desktop (#3)Maxim Baz
2018-12-21Update wire-desktop-beta to 3.5.2881 Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-12-12Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-12-12Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-11-27Remove Gruntfile.patchConor Anderson
2018-11-26Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-09-17Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-09-17Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-07-09Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-06-29Remove _pkgver workaroundConor Anderson
2018-06-27Version bump w/ workaroundConor Anderson
2017-11-17Add emoji fonts to optdependsMaxim Baz
2017-11-11Use upstream .desktop generic name (skip repackaging)Conor Anderson
2017-11-05Use upstream .desktop comment (skip repackaging)Conor Anderson
2017-10-19Simplify build commands with a new grunt taskMaxim Baz
2017-10-19Version bumpConor Anderson
2017-10-13Add StartupWMClass=Wire to desktop to avoid two icons on GnomeConor Anderson
2017-10-09Add xdg-utils as dependConor Anderson
2017-09-28Revert grunt changes, as they don't support internal release yetMaxim Baz
2017-09-26Version bump and replace Grunt commandsConor Anderson
2017-08-16Simplified build commandsConor Anderson
2017-07-19Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2017-07-15git statusstripConor Anderson
2017-07-14Bump versionMaxim Baz
2017-07-14Update .SRCINFOMaxim Baz
2017-07-14Set !strip optionConor Anderson
2017-07-14Set cargo as makedependsMaxim Baz
2017-07-12Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2017-07-12Add 'bundle' taskMaxim Baz
2017-07-11Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2017-07-06Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2017-06-20Replace rust optdep with cargo.Conor Anderson
2017-06-20Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2017-06-20Add rust optdep.Conor Anderson
2017-05-22Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2017-05-05Create the packageMaxim Baz