AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 dayschore: unify style of quotesSergey A
10 daysupdate to 0.3.0Sergey A
2021-10-03Upstream moved to SourceHutRobert Cegliński
2021-02-05update .SRCINFORobert Cegliński
2021-02-050.2.0Robert Cegliński
2020-09-21Adopt, simplifyRobert Cegliński
2020-08-27Build from source tarball instead of requiring GitChristopher Snowhill
2020-08-27Changed to stable release packageChristopher Snowhill
2020-08-27Update PKGBUILD maintainer and move previous maintainer to contributor statusChristopher Snowhill
2020-08-27Add git as makedepend, as this is a git package. Not sure what to do about th...Christopher Snowhill
2019-05-14SrcinfoDenis Zheleztsov
2019-05-14Source repoDenis Zheleztsov
2019-05-14Fix package nameDenis Zheleztsov
2019-05-14DependsDenis Zheleztsov
2019-05-14Name fixesDenis Zheleztsov
2019-05-14Change package nameDenis Zheleztsov
2019-05-14First buildDenis Zheleztsov