AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
- change maintainer - update upstream and source urls to new ones - add new optdepends - added conflicts - fix git version detection - take actual @@WOEUSB_VERSION@@ using upstream script
2019-01-03bump versionDX37
2018-09-26SRCInfo fixedSalvador Pardiñas
2018-09-14Update to GTK3Salvador Pardiñas
2018-06-02Updated srcinfoSalvador Pardiñas
2018-06-02Updated pkgverSalvador Pardiñas
2018-01-22Changed gksu to optional dependencySalvador Pardiñas
2018-01-14Updated gitignore and dependenciesSalvador Pardiñas
2017-12-02Updated dependenciesSalvador Pardiñas
2017-07-16Updated for unneeded workaroundSalvador Pardiñas
2017-07-02Fix was accepted upstreamSalvador Pardiñas
2017-07-01Temporary workaroundSalvador Pardiñas
2017-06-28Attempt at fixing compile bugSalvador Pardiñas
2017-06-23Updated dependenciesSalvador Pardiñas
2017-06-20Fixed dependencies and changed install directorySalvador Pardiñas
2017-06-20Initial commitSalvador Pardiñas