AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-02-08Update to v0.7.0.Donald Webster
2021-07-08Bump PKGREL (0.6.4-2)Justin Gottula
2021-07-08Include the wsdd man page in the packageJustin Gottula
2021-07-08Add python>=3.7 dependencyJustin Gottula
2021-07-08Ease modification of wsdd parameters by using systemd environment fileJustin Gottula
2021-07-08Use 'DynamicUser' for service instead of sysusers fileJustin Gottula
This has already been applied upstream post-0.6.4, but there simply hasn't been another release containing the change just yet. Why not apply it early to make things cleaner.
2021-07-08Add self as maintainer in PKGBUILD headerJustin Gottula
2021-03-09Update to v0.6.4.Donald Webster
2020-10-21Update to v0.6.2.Donald Webster
2020-07-08Update to v0.6.1.Donald Webster
2020-03-11Update to v0.5.Donald Webster
2019-07-22Re-add workgroup option w/ default.Donald Webster
2019-07-22Update to v0.4 and re-import its systemd service file.Donald Webster
2019-04-03Depend on samba, clarify description.Donald Webster
2019-04-03Initial version of wsdd aur package.Donald Webster