AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2023-01-22upgrade to 2.6.1AI5C
2023-01-07temporarily source from sourceforge instead of princeton due to outageAI5C
2022-06-23add aarch64 and git makedependAI5C
2022-01-03update to 2.5.4AI5C
2022-01-03update to 2.5.3AI5C
2021-11-10update to 2.5.2AI5C
2021-09-30update to 2.5.0AI5C
2021-06-07update to 2.4.0AI5C
2021-04-22update to 2.3.1AI5C
2021-02-11add undeclared boost dependencyAI5C
2021-02-01update to 2.3.0AI5C
2020-07-29update to 2.2.2AI5C
2020-07-29Remove maintainer commentThomas Gatzweiler
2020-06-15Update to version 2.2.1Thomas Gatzweiler
2020-06-03Update to version 2.2.0Thomas Gatzweiler
2019-12-12Update to version 2.1.2Thomas Gatzweiler
2019-07-16Add qt5-tools as dependencyThomas Gatzweiler
2019-07-16Update to version 2.1.0Thomas Gatzweiler
2019-02-26Update to version 2.0.1Thomas Gatzweiler
2018-12-10Update to version 2.0.0Thomas Gatzweiler
2018-06-01Update to version 1.9.1Thomas Gatzweiler
2017-10-29Update to version 1.8.0Thomas Gatzweiler
2017-07-04Add asciidoctor as dependencyThomas Gatzweiler
2017-01-14Remove kvasd-bin from dependenciesThomas Gatzweiler
2017-01-11Update to version 1.7.0Thomas Gatzweiler
2016-11-30Add fftw to dependencies (thanks to WorMzy)Thomas Gatzweiler
2015-12-18Update to version 1.6.0Thomas Gatzweiler
2015-06-15Update dependenciesThomas Gatzweiler
2015-06-09Initial commitThomas Gatzweiler