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2020-01-28Match repository package changes (remove ffmpeg dependency, no avs)Daniel Bermond
References ----------
2019-06-02Do not rename the clone dirDaniel Bermond
2018-10-17Remove makepkg internal function. Update provides and conflicts.Daniel Bermond
2018-08-17Change to single package providing everythingDaniel Bermond
This will match the latest changes in package x264 from [extra] official repository. This change simplifies things by eliminating the need of multiple little correlated x264 packages, sticking with the Arch KISS principle. Note ---- This package provides both 8 and 10-bit support in a single package. x264 from the [extra] official repository is currently 8-bit only. When used "normally", this package is just like x264 from [extra], acting as 8-bit. References ----------
2017-11-16Phase out i686:
2017-07-29Build tweaksDet
2017-07-29Fix buildDet
2017-07-29Fix build + cosmeticsDet
2017-07-29Sync with [extra]Det
2017-07-22Fix build + BumpDet
2017-03-19Source URLDet
2017-02-04Sync syntax with extra/x264Det
2016-01-20Fix .SRCINFODet
2016-01-06Sync with [extra]/x264 + ease updating 8-bit/10-bit x264Det
2015-07-09Delete .AURINFOvlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad