AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-08pkgbuild instructionswint3rmute
2020-04-08w4 edition kickoffwint3rmute
2019-11-09Quote directory and file path variables to avoid issues with spacescyrozap
2019-04-19Add .desktop filescyrozap
2019-04-19Fix fpga_editorcyrozap
2018-12-16Make upstream URL HTTPScyrozap
2018-12-16Add qt4 as a dependency to fix the license managercyrozap
2017-10-15Fix the file URL so it doesn't always have to be changedcyrozap
2016-12-08Avoid compressing the package by setting PKGEXTcyrozap
2016-12-08Fixed the fix for the license managercyrozap
2016-06-06Modified package to use system libstdc++cyrozap
2016-06-06Renamed file to _file to avoid potential conflictscyrozap
2016-06-06Added package description, URL, and optional dependenciescyrozap
2016-06-06Added fix for the license configuration managercyrozap
2016-03-12Initial importcyrozap