AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-25bump version to 6.21.1Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2024-02-28bump version to 6.21.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2023-05-08fix removed support for compute_35Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2022-04-07bump version to 6.17.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-09-18bump version to 6.15.1Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-09-05fix size_t errorHans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-09-03patch fix for 6.15.0 compiler errorHans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-09-03change back to minimum support for CUDA8Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-08-31bump version to 6.15.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-05-20use CUDA's default compiler insteadHans-Nikolai Viessmann
2021-05-17bump to version 6.12.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-11-25latest CUDA no longer depends on gcc9Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-11-15bump version to 6.5.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-10-21bump to version 6.4.1Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-09-01bump version to 6.3.2Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-08-21bump version to 6.3.1Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-08-11changes for CUDA 11 pushHans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-07-19bump version to 6.3.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-06-23bump version to 6.2.1Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-06-12bump to version 6.2.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-06-06bump version to 6.1.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-06-05bump version to 6.0.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-04-13bump version to 3.0.0 (remove changelog)Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-03-08bump version to 2.2.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2020-01-06bump version to 2.1.0Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2019-12-27bump version to 2.0.2Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
2019-11-14initial commit, version 2.0.1 betaHans-Nikolai Viessmann