AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-14updpkg: 0.91Kevin Brodsky
2018-03-08updpkg: 0.90Kevin Brodsky
2018-01-17updpkg: 0.89Kevin Brodsky
2017-11-04updpkg: 0.88Kevin Brodsky
2017-09-07updpkg: 0.87Kevin Brodsky
2017-04-27updpkg: 0.86Kevin Brodsky
2017-04-04updpkg: 0.85Kevin Brodsky
2017-02-08updpkg: 0.84-4 [new 0.84 release]Kevin Brodsky
2017-01-24Version source archivesKevin Brodsky
2017-01-21Some PKGBUILD clean-upKevin Brodsky
2017-01-21updpkg: 0.84-3Kevin Brodsky
2017-01-20updpkg: 0.84-2Kevin Brodsky
2017-01-17updpkg: 0.84 + remove bundled libsKevin Brodsky
2016-10-09updpkg: 0.83Kevin Brodsky
2016-07-19bump to 0.81Martin Poljak
2016-04-01gitignoreMartin Poljak
2016-04-01forgotten .srcinfo updateMartin Poljak
2016-04-01bump to 0.79Martin Poljak
2016-03-29package version bumpMartin Poljak
2016-03-29fixed according to suggestionMartin Poljak
2016-02-23updated to 0.78Evan Penner
2015-11-02Updated checksumsEvan Penner
2015-10-28update to 0.76.1Evan Penner
2015-10-28Updated PKGBUILDBlack Forest
2015-10-28fixed installEvan Penner
2015-10-28updated sourcesEvan Penner
2015-10-28Updated dependenciesEvan Penner
2015-10-28updated to latest upstreamEvan Penner
2015-09-23Release 0.72-3: Readd 64-bit support, could be annoying with multiarchChris Down
2015-09-23Release 0.72-2: Update md5sum (changed upstream)Chris Down
2015-08-07Release 0.72-1Chris Down