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2019-08-13Bump up yank 1.2.0-1Javier Tiá
2018-11-01Bump up yank 1.1.0-1Javier Tiá
2018-09-11Bump up yank 1.0.0-2Javier Tiá
2018-09-11Bump up yank 1.0.0-1Javier Tiá
2017-06-12Bump up yank 0.8.3-1Javier Tiá
2017-02-20Bump up yank 0.8.2-1Javier Tiá
2017-02-18Bump up yank 0.8.1-1Javier Tiá
2017-01-17Bump up yank 0.8.0-1Javier Tiá
2016-12-30Bump up yank 0.7.1-1Javier Tiá
2016-03-26update to 0.6.4Aoibhinn di Tori
2015-12-31update to 0.6.2Aoibhinn di Tori
2015-10-19fix checksumsAoibhinn di Tori
2015-10-19update to 0.4.1Aoibhinn di Tori
2015-10-16initial commitAoibhinn di Tori