AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-07-15Upgrade to 0.38j.r
2022-06-06upgpkg: youplay 0.37-1j.r
upstream release
2022-05-11upgpkg: youplay 0.36-1j.r
upstream release
2022-02-17youplay: upgrade to 0.35j.r
upstream release
2022-02-06youplay: upgrade to 0.34j.r
upstream release
2021-05-27upgpkg: youplay 0.31-1j.r
upstream release
2021-05-23upgpkg: youplay to 0.30-1j.r
upstream release
2021-04-04youplay: update to 0.29j.r
* upstream release * this also include python-gobject dependency, because it's needed but not listed by upstream
2021-03-04Add correct gitignoresj.r
2021-02-10Add correct maintainer field for Youplayj.r
2021-01-22Add youplayj.r