AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-03-04[FIX] Build failure after latest updateTimur Kiyui
2017-12-07[UPDATE] Dependencies [ADD] Additional binariesTimur Kiyui
2017-10-05[FIX] New build process and binary path, hard-dep on db4.8Timur Kiyivinski
2017-06-11[FIX] New make dependencies and openssl-1.0Timur Kiyivinski
2017-04-08[REMOVE] UPNP [REFACTOR] Rebase on ZCoinTimur Kiyivinski
No hope of getting UPNP compilation fix merged.
2017-03-28[UPDATE] SRCINFOTimur Kiyivinski
2017-03-28[REFACTOR] Enable UPNP and migrate to Qt5Timur Kiyivinski
Temporarily using my forked repository as the PR has not been merged into the official repository.
2017-01-01[UPDATE] Version bumpTimur Kiyivinski
2016-10-20Update to 63.8676068Timur Kiyivinski
2016-10-15[FIX] LicenseTimur Kiyivinski
2016-10-15Initial AUR releaseTimur Kiyivinski