AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-280.12.3Alexei Colin
2021-01-24remove python-mock deps: merged into std libAlexei Colin
2021-01-240.12.1Alexei Colin
2020-07-18upstreamed patch for unattended installation fixesAlexei Colin
2020-07-180.11.4Alexei Colin
2020-07-18gitignore zst package fileAlexei Colin
2020-07-18remove extra slash in install pathAlexei Colin
2020-02-29pkgbuild: remove debug statementsAlexei Colin
2020-02-290.11.2Alexei Colin
2019-08-310.10.3Alexei Colin
2019-06-29print a tip for building uncompressed archiveAlexei Colin
2019-06-290.10.1Alexei Colin
2019-06-29pkg: relocation: also replace loader pathAlexei Colin
2019-03-27update to 0.10.0Alexei Colin
2019-01-05update to 0.9.5redfish
2018-07-11zephyr-sdk v0.9.3Alexei Colin