AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-18PKGBUILD: Bump package version.Diab Neiroukh
2021-09-10PKGBUILD: Enforce the usage of rust-nightly (or rustup).Diab Neiroukh
2021-09-08PKGBUILD: Bump the package version.Diab Neiroukh
2021-03-18PKGBUILD: Bump the package version to match the new release.Diab Neiroukh
2021-03-18PKGBUILD: Avoid explictly setting flags to improve toolchain support.Diab Neiroukh
2021-03-18PKGBUILD: Drop Rust version requirement to allow building with rust-nightly-bin.Diab Neiroukh
2021-03-18Initial CommitDiab Neiroukh