AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-01-12Merge branch 'dev'Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-01-11Bump to pkgrel 3Iacopo Isimbaldi
Removed unused files
2016-01-11Updated zfs.install and hookIacopo Isimbaldi
Dropped "mkinitcpio-dkms" dep, replaced by zfs hook
2016-01-11Revert "remove call"Iacopo Isimbaldi
This reverts commit d8bb198ca5a31593fe4aa4b6ae10869b022c5e04.
2016-01-11Add makedepends hack backBin Jin
Yaourt turns out to be really dumb to handle it properly.
2016-01-10remove callBin Jin
2016-01-09remove git from makedepsBin Jin
2016-01-09Bump versionBin Jin
Also update to install from tarball release file instead of git. Remove unnecessary makedep, depends with exact version number should be enough.
2015-12-30Add optdepends backBin Jin
It was suggested in zfs.install.
2015-12-29Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2015-12-29Updated .gitignoreIacopo Isimbaldi
2015-10-04Bump to version Isimbaldi
2015-08-08Added .gitignore and corrected wrong provides in PKGBUILDIacopo Isimbaldi
2015-08-08Dropped "-git" suffixIacopo Isimbaldi
2015-07-08AUR4 Initial CommitIacopo Isimbaldi