AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-18Upstream 2.1.2Jonathon Fernyhough
2021-10-01ZFS 2.1.1 upstream releaseJonathon Fernyhough
2021-07-02ZFS 2.1.0 upstream releaseEli Schwartz
2021-06-23ZFS 2.0.5: upstream releaseEli Schwartz
2021-06-02upgpkg: zfs-dkms 2.0.4-3Jonathon Fernyhough
kernel 5.12 backports This includes a number of backports for the zfs-2.0.5-staging branch and switches compat patches from 12009 to the merged commits. Signed-off-by: Eli Schwartz <>
2021-05-06upgpkg: zfs-dkms 2.0.4-2Jonathon Fernyhough
Backport kernel 5.12 compat and update patches This backports the upstream compat patches and via Signed-off-by: Eli Schwartz <>
2021-03-11zfs-utils/zfs-dkms: upstream 2.0.4Jonathon Fernyhough
2021-02-11OpenZFS 2.0.3Jonathon Fernyhough
2021-02-04OpenZFS 2.0.2.Jonathon Fernyhough
zfs-dkms adds config/compile (required by new versions of autoconf). Signed-off-by: Eli Schwartz <>
2020-12-09upgpkg: zfs-dkms 2.0.0-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release
2020-10-13upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.5-1Jonathon Fernyhough
upstream release
2020-08-21upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.4-2Eli Schwartz
backport kernel 5.8 support from (see
2020-06-18zfs-dkms*/: fix modifications to allow all module/ filesEli Schwartz
We want the toplevel Makefile/zfs.release and we *also* want all files in module/ to be configured, because that is the only subdirectory we use. It just happened that module/ used to only have to configure, so only permitting Makefiles which may or may not be prefixed with 'module/' worked. The current upstream master now has a file, though, which broke this clumsy hack. Update to use a more beautiful variant of clumsy hack instead.
2020-05-21upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.4-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release
2020-04-14zfs-dkms: also update the .SRCINFO which did not happen due to cherry-pickingEli Schwartz
2020-04-14upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.3-3Frederik Schwan
fix build with kernel 5.6
2020-04-06Merge subtree 'zfs-dkms' into pkgbuilds:masterEli Schwartz
Reconcile divergent histories as the pkgbuilds repo and the AUR had a slightly different set of commits.
2020-02-28upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.3-2Eli Schwartz
backport kernel 5.5 compilation failure add virtual dependency for FOO-MODULE which can be used to depend on "some form of zfs kernel module" rather than hardcoding -dkms or a specific kernel.
2020-01-27upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.3-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release
2019-09-27add github metadata to merged PKGBUILD subtreesEli Schwartz
2019-09-26upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.2-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release remove old makedepends on git -- we don't use it anymore drop backported patches which are in the current release
2019-09-24zfs-dkms: update patch links and checksumsEli Schwartz
force-pushed PR branch means commits no longer exist -- grab them from the master branch instead, with identical .patch contents (except for leading commit id)
2019-09-22upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.1-2Eli Schwartz
backport patches for linux 5.3 compat
2019-06-14upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.1-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release
2019-05-26upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.8.0-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release
2019-03-04upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.13-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release
2019-01-02upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.12-2Eli Schwartz
fix build for linux 4.20
2018-11-13upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.12-1Eli Schwartz
upstream release Move versioned spl and utils dependencies to package() in order to allow the package to build with mismatched dependencies. In order to install the resulting packages, the dependent packages will need to be installed in the same transaction, but without the build-time dependency, it is no longer necessary to uninstall the package set for as a prerequisite to building the updated packages.
2018-10-31rm unneeded filesEli Schwartz
2018-10-30upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.11-2Eli Schwartz
re-add common provides on "zfs"
2018-10-28upgpkg: zfs-dkms 0.7.11-1Eli Schwartz
Split utils out into separate package as there's no need to make binary zfs module packages depend on a dkms split package just to acquire the utils. Mark the dkms package as an -any package, and instead of installing the whole source tree, just install the bits needed to build the modules. Add PGP verification checks.
2018-10-28Don't install forked and bundled bash completion script.Eli Schwartz
It's already maintained directly in the upstream git repository.
2018-05-15Updated to pkgver 0.7.9Iacopo Isimbaldi
2018-04-27Updated to pkgver 0.7.8Iacopo Isimbaldi
2018-03-21Updated to pkgver 0.7.7Iacopo Isimbaldi
2018-03-13Updated to pkgver 0.7.6Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-12-26Updated to pkgver 0.7.5Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-10-21Updated to pkgver 0.7.3Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-10-07Updated to pkgver 0.7.2Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-08-19Updated sha256sumsIacopo Isimbaldi
2017-08-19Updated to pkgrel 2Iacopo Isimbaldi
Fixed typo in zfs.initcpio.hook
2017-08-13Updated to pkgver 0.7.1Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-07-13Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
Removed zlib_deflate module from zfs.initcpio.install
2017-06-24Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2017-02-12Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-09-20Updated sha256sumsIacopo Isimbaldi
2016-09-20Updated to pkgrel 2Iacopo Isimbaldi
Updated hook files (thanks to archzfs)
2016-09-17Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-05-13Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2016-04-28Updated to pkgrel 2Iacopo Isimbaldi
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