AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-03-31git updateNicolas F
2016-03-24git updateNicolas F
2016-03-18Fix package version caused by non-annotated tagNicolas F
2016-02-06Fix ARM architecture namesNicolas F
2016-01-05Fix provides arrayNicolas F
2015-09-15Various packaging fixesNicolas F
1. Added libzopfli and libzopflipng header files, namely "zopfli.h" and "zopflipng_lib.h", to the files that will be installed. 2. Fixed dependencies, glibc for all, gcc-libs for (lib)zopflipng. 3. Fixed the find command for the libraries. 4. Fixed the symlinks to the libraries. 5. Added some comments.
2015-08-15BoopNicolas F
2015-08-15Split packageNicolas F
2015-08-15Better pkgver functionNicolas F
2015-08-15Test CommitNicolas F
2015-08-15Initial CommitNicolas F