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2016-06-21Whitespace issues.Micha Alt
2016-06-21upgpkg: nodejs-brunch 2.8.2-1Micha Alt
upstream release and license update No changelog since 2.8.0
2016-01-03upgpkg: nodejs-brunch 2.1.1-1Micha Alt
upstream release Brunch 2.1.1 (Jan 2, 2016) * Fixes an issue when sass-brunch or similar plugins weren't compiling files correctly. Brunch 2.1.0 (Jan 1, 2016) * Brunch would now indicate progress for long builds, like that: (4s) Compiling => Compiling. => Compiling.. * Massively improved debug output (-d) readability. * Now throwing correct import errors (gh-1053, gh-1041). * NPM integration was hugely reworked. Disabled by default for now. 1. With config.npm.enabled = true, all non-brunch NPM packages would be loaded automatically. 2. To exclude packages, specify the blacklist: config.npm = {blacklist: ['express']} 3. To include packages manually, specify the whitelist: config.npm = {whitelist: ['react', 'react-dom', 'pikaday']}
2015-06-08Initial commit: nodejs-brunch 1.8.3-1Micha Alt