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2021-03-17Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-9806-g7f8ea6e06adx-mon
2021-03-16Added build-time deps on `tar` and `gz`dx-mon
2021-02-22i18n repo has been moved in-tree, so no longer needs building seperatelydx-mon
2021-02-22Updated the PKGBUILD to remove the GitHub Plugin from the build now it has be...dx-mon
2020-11-18Convert build system to Ninjadx-mon
2020-10-18Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4160-g16d5f95981dx-mon
2020-10-17Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4126-g229194c76bdx-mon
2020-10-17Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4092-g1ee3df61c9dx-mon
2020-10-14Bump to KiCAD 5.99.0-4027-g505d764f2 and add update automationdx-mon