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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-08-05Refactored package to work better out-of-the-box.James An
2015-08-04Fixed installation bugs.James An
2015-08-04Moved all systemd unit changes to their own aegir service units, set aegir ↵James An
user as an alias use of http, and reorganised PHP/-FPM configurations.
2015-07-25Updated to latest version and modified systemd unit files to be more resilient.James An
2015-06-30Added support for ruby-mailcatcher as the smtp-forwarder for the aegir ↵James An
package and added a unique system user for the aegir package.
2015-06-30Changed aegir package to further automate basic configuration of such a web ↵James An
2015-06-30Added to aegir post-install check for outgoing mail functionality and ↵James An
post-update commands to rearrange passwd and group database so aegir takes precedence over http, which it shares both gid and uid.
2015-06-30Changed aegir config files and rewrote the install file with consistent ↵James An
2015-06-30Added new aegir AUR package for Aegir Systemd target.James An
2015-06-30Added incomplete draft of Aegir package.James An