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2021-04-21Updated to version 0.14.3Kaizhao Zhang
2021-04-10Updated to version 0.14.2Kaizhao Zhang
2021-02-28Build ameba in release modeKaizhao Zhang
This was suggested by AUR user hugo [1] in a comment on this package [2]. [1]: [2]:
2021-02-24Updated to version 0.14.0Kaizhao Zhang
2020-12-05Updated to version 0.13.3Kaizhao Zhang
2020-08-27Updated to version 0.13.2Kaizhao Zhang
2020-07-17Updated to version 0.13.1Kaizhao Zhang
2020-04-14Updated to version 0.12.1Kaizhao Zhang
2020-03-28Updated to version 0.12.0Kaizhao Zhang
2019-12-01Updated to version 0.11.0Kaizhao Zhang
2019-09-18Updated to version 0.10.1Kaizhao Zhang
2019-09-10Rebuild for -> Zhang
2019-06-07Updated to version 0.10.0Kaizhao Zhang
2019-06-04Updated to version 0.9.2Kaizhao Zhang
2019-05-24Initial import with version 0.9.1Kaizhao Zhang