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4 daysUPdated to v9.800.1.Joey Dumont
11 daysUpdated to 9.700.3Joey Dumont
2019-09-06Updated to v9.700.2.Joey Dumont
2019-07-28Updated to v9.600.5.Joey Dumont
2019-06-12Fixed merge.Joey Dumont
2019-06-12Updated to v9.500.2.Joey Dumont
2019-06-03Updated to v9.400.4.Joey Dumont
2019-05-06Updated to v9.400.3.Joey Dumont
2019-04-27Updated to v9.400.2.Joey Dumont
2019-04-18Updated to v9.400-RC1.Joey Dumont
2019-03-20Updated to v9.300.2.Joey Dumont
2019-03-14Updated to v9.300-RC1.Joey Dumont
2019-01-20Updated to 9.200.7.Joey Dumont
2018-12-10Updated to v9.200.6.Joey Dumont
2018-11-26Updated to v9.200.5.Joey Dumont
2018-11-12Fix version format.Joey Dumont
2018-11-12Updated to v9.200.4.Joey Dumont
2018-11-03Updated to v9.200-RC3.Joey Dumont
2018-10-04Updated to v9.200-RC.Joey Dumont
2018-09-19Updated to v9.200Joey Dumont
2018-09-10Update needed for soname bump.Joey Dumont
2018-08-16Updated to v9.100.5.Joey Dumont
2018-08-15Updated to v9.100.4.Joey Dumont
2018-08-13Updated to v9.100-RC2.Joey Dumont
2018-08-10Updated to v9.100-RC1.Joey Dumont
2018-06-29Updated to v8.600.0.Joey Dumont
2018-06-21Updated to 8.600.RC2.Joey Dumont
2018-06-14Updated to 8.600-RC1.Joey Dumont
2018-05-15Updated to v8.500.1.Joey Dumont
2018-04-21Updated to 8.500.0.Joey Dumont
2018-04-17Updated to 8.500-RC2.Joey Dumont
2018-03-27Updated to v8.500-RC1.Joey Dumont
2018-02-19Upgraded to 8.400.0.Joey Dumont
2018-02-12Upated to v8.400-RC2..Joey Dumont
2018-02-09Updated to v8.400-RC1.Joey Dumont
2018-01-29Updated to v8.300.4.Joey Dumont
2018-01-08Updated to v8.300.3.Joey Dumont
2017-12-12Updated to v8.3000.2.Joey Dumont
2017-12-04Updated to v8.300.1.Joey Dumont
2017-11-22Updated to version 8.300.0.Joey Dumont
2017-11-01Updated to v8.200.2.Joey Dumont
2017-10-19Updated to v8.200.1.Joey Dumont
2017-10-09Udated to v8.200.0Joey Dumont
2017-09-07Updated to 8.100.1.Joey Dumont
2017-08-31Upgraded to version 8.100.0.Joey Dumont
2017-08-09Updated to v7v7.960.1.Joey Dumont
2017-07-31Updated to v7.760.0.Joey Dumont
2017-06-12Updated to v7.950.1.Joey Dumont
2017-05-31Updated to v7.950.0.Joey Dumont
2017-05-15Updated to v7.900.1.Joey Dumont