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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-13Update to 20.0w version.Rod Kay
2019-06-23Update to 2019Rod Kay
2018-10-01Update to 2018 versionRod Kay
2017-07-06Bump package version to force update to gcc7Rod Kay
2017-06-16Update to gpl2017 versionRod Kay
2016-06-06Corrected download URL.Rod Kay
2016-06-05Update to 2016 version.Rod Kay
2015-11-08Added gnatcoll as a dependency and removed gps.Rod Kay
2015-11-06Added gnat-gps as a dependency to provide gnatcoll.Rod Kay
2015-11-06Added gprbuild as a dependency.Rod Kay
2015-11-04Added patchs to fix gnatpp version bug.Rod Kay
2015-07-28Initial import.charlie5