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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-25Update to 1.3.6Peter van den Hurk
2016-10-04Update to 1.3.5Peter van den Hurk
2016-09-11Update to 1.3.3Alad Wenter
2016-09-08Switch to git tags, cherry-pick aurbuild fixAlad Wenter
2016-09-04Update to 1.3.2Alad Wenter
2016-07-29Update to 1.3.1Alad Wenter
2016-07-28Update to 1.3.0Alad Wenter
2016-07-28Update to 1.2.3Alad Wenter
2016-07-26Update to 1.2.2Alad Wenter
2016-07-23Update to 1.2.1Alad Wenter
2016-07-22Update to 1.2.0Alad Wenter
2016-07-09Update to 1.1.2Alad Wenter
2016-07-03Update to 1.1.1Peter van den Hurk
2016-06-29Update to 1.1.0Peter van den Hurk
2016-06-10bump 1.0.2Alad Wenter
2016-05-28bump 1.0.1Alad Wenter
2016-05-18bump 1.0.0Alad Wenter
2016-05-16bump 0.9.1Alad Wenter
2016-05-04bump 0.8.5Alad Wenter
2016-05-03bump rel 2Alad Wenter
2016-05-03typo in depends arrayAlad Wenter
2016-05-02fix aria2 dependAlad Wenter
2016-05-02no makefile yetAlad Wenter
2016-05-02bump 0.8.4Alad Wenter
2016-04-25bump 0.8.3Alad Wenter
2016-04-25fix checksumsAlad Wenter
2016-04-24bump 0.8.2Alad Wenter
2016-04-24bump 0.8.1Alad Wenter
2016-04-23bump 0.8.0Alad Wenter
2016-04-19bump 0.7.0Alad Wenter
2016-04-17bump 0.6.3Alad Wenter
2016-04-14bump 0.6.2Alad Wenter
2016-04-12bump 0.6.1Alad Wenter
2016-04-11remove SC2174 exceptionAlad Wenter
2016-04-11bump 0.6.0Alad Wenter
2016-04-09bump 0.5.1Alad Wenter
2016-04-080.5.0Alad Wenter
2016-04-08bump 0.4.1Alad Wenter
2016-04-05bump to 0.4.0Alad Wenter
2016-04-03bump 0.3.1Alad Wenter
2016-04-01descriptionAlad Wenter
2016-04-01bump to 0.3.0Alad Wenter
2016-03-31fix cd (again)Alad Wenter
2016-03-31bumpAlad Wenter
2016-03-31depend on release versionsAlad Wenter
2016-03-310.2.2 updateAlad Wenter
2016-03-28fix checksumsAlad Wenter
2016-03-28fix cdAlad Wenter
2016-03-28new releaseAlad Wenter
2016-03-27bumpAlad Wenter