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2018-10-13Bumped pkgver. Added new upstream themes. Fixed typos in install file.James P. Harvey
2016-10-30Bumped pkgver. Updated maintainer's default arch theme. New symbols are ↵James P. Harvey
more intuitive (to me anyway.) Staged files are pending, so ellipsis. Changed files represented by delta symbol. Untracked files represented by the exists symbol. Stashed files represented by a question mark, since their future is somewhat unknown. Also noted .install file for how to change a ~/.gitconfig to make 'git status' colors match the Default_Arch theme.
2016-08-17Updated up to 2.5.1.r484.33c19b2, supporting newly added upstream themes. ↵James Harvey
Also reorganized package() to follow order of files on github.
2015-12-13Fixed typo of pkgver function being misnamed as pkgrelJames Harvey
2015-08-03Fixed copy/paste typo causing user prompts to end # rather than $, and root ↵James Harvey
prompts to not have a proper second line
2015-08-02Removed unnecessary fileJames Harvey
2015-08-02Removed optional patch. Replaced with instructions on how to set in ↵James Harvey
/etc/bash.bashrc or ~/.bashrc either upstream's default theme, or this maintainer's slightly modified default theme.
2015-08-02Set remove spacing patch default to offJames Harvey
2015-08-02Initial importJames Harvey