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2022-10-09Change url; use https for sourcePaul Clark
2022-10-05Fixed checksumPaul Clark
2022-10-02Update to 4.38Paul Clark
2021-10-15Update to 4.37Paul Clark
2021-08-29Update to 4.36Paul Clark
2021-07-23Version 4.34Paul Clark
2021-02-23Update to 4.32Paul Clark
2020-12-26Version 4.31Paul Clark
2018-05-12Update to 4.30Paul Clark
2018-05-03Include -O2 in CFLAGSPaul Clark
2016-11-30Change makefile.patchPaul Clark
2016-07-07Update to v. 4.29Paul Clark
2016-02-19Update to 4.28Paul Clark
2015-06-08Initial importPaul Clark