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2020-07-12Updated: 78.0.2GoliathLabs
2020-07-06Updated: 78.0.1GoliathLabs
2020-06-12Updated. 77.0.1GoliathLabs
2020-05-09Updated: 76.0.1GoliathLabs
2019-01-07Bump to 64.0Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-10-15Bump to 49.0.1Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-04-26Fix dependenciesSwift Geek
2016-04-26Bump to 46.0Swift Geek
2016-04-12Bump to 45.0.2Swift Geek
2016-03-25Bump to 45.0.1Swift Geek
2016-03-09Bump to 45.0Swift Geek
2016-02-23Bump to 44.0.2Swift Geek
2016-01-27Bump to 44.0Swift Geek
2016-01-07Add lib32-ffmpeg optdepSwift Geek
2016-01-07Bump to 43.0.4Swift Geek
2016-01-07Bump to 43.0.1Swift Geek
2015-11-03Bump to 42.0Swift Geek
2015-10-17Bump to 41.0.2Swift Geek
2015-10-01Bump to 41.0.1Swift Geek
2015-09-24Bump to 41.0Swift Geek
2015-08-31Bump to 40.0.3Swift Geek
2015-08-15Bump to 40.0.2Swift Geek
2015-08-11Bump to 40.0Swift Geek
2015-08-07EMERGENCY BUMPNick Ƙstergaard
2015-07-09Initial import to AUR4Swift Geek