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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-08-11fix pkgverbartus
2020-07-23Fix pkgver().bartus
2020-07-02Drop denoise.patch [merged upstream]bartus fix #3
2020-06-30Fix python deps with pipreqsbartus
2020-06-30Update denoiser.patchbartus
* drop execution bit check in * rename binary to `oidnDenoise`
2020-06-28Pop version to 2.4.beta1bartus
2020-06-28Add denoise.patchbartus
* switch md5 to sha256 checksums. * remove whitespaces.
2020-06-12Remove dropped packages from $conflictsbartus
2020-06-12Fix shellcheck warnings.bartus
2020-06-12Fix pkgver()bartus
2020-06-12Add .shellcheckrcbartus
2019-10-09Pin for blender2.8 and luxcorenderer2.3bartus
2019-09-30Update version to 2.2bartus
2019-09-27Update package() and pkgver()bartus
* add $_ver_tag for pkgver() pinning * move $_blend inside package() * move depends=() inside package()
2019-04-02update urlbartus