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3 days0.61.22Greg White
5 days0.61.20Greg White
6 days0.61.19Greg White
8 days0.61.17Greg White
8 days0.61.16Greg White
10 days0.61.10Greg White
10 days0.61.8Greg White
11 days0.61.7Greg White
12 days0.61.6Greg White
2019-01-310.61.5Greg White
2019-01-300.61.4Greg White
2019-01-290.61.2Greg White
2019-01-240.60.17Greg White
2019-01-220.60.16Greg White
2019-01-170.60.15Greg White
2019-01-140.60.13Greg White
2019-01-140.60.12Greg White
2019-01-110.60.11Greg White
2019-01-090.60.9Greg White
2019-01-030.60.6Greg White
2018-12-27).60.5Greg White
2018-12-210.60.4Greg White
2018-12-180.60.3Greg White
2018-12-140.60.2Greg White
2018-12-110.59.5Greg White
2018-12-10Fix checksumsGreg White
2018-12-10Be more careful about not disabling sandboxGreg White
2018-12-05UpdateGreg White
2018-12-05UpdateGreg White
2018-11-28Add BRAVE_FLAGS to launcher scriptGreg White
2018-11-27Update to 0.58.10Greg White
2018-11-24Relax sandbox checkGreg White
2018-11-24CreateGreg White