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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-19Update to caddy 0.11.1Andreas Linz
2018-05-31Update to 0.11.0Andreas Linz
2018-04-26Update to 0.10.14Andreas Linz
2018-04-19Update to caddy 0.10.13Andreas Linz
2018-03-28Update to 0.10.12 without DNS pluginsAndreas Linz
2018-02-09Update pkgrel to 2Andreas Linz
2018-02-09Fix a type in the documentation pathAndreas Linz
2017-10-12Update to 0.10.10Andreas Linz
2017-09-08Update to 0.10.8Andreas Linz
2017-08-29Update to 0.10.7Andreas Linz
2017-07-28Update to 0.10.6Andreas Linz
2017-07-28Update to 0.10.5Andreas Linz
2017-07-03Use a caddy build without http.grpc plugin to fix the startup issueAndreas Linz
2017-07-02Update to 0.10.4Andreas Linz
2017-05-19Update to 0.10.3Andreas Linz
2017-05-03Update to 0.10.2Andreas Linz
2017-05-02Update to 0.10.1Andreas Linz
2017-04-24Use new build with automatically fetched plugins listAndreas Linz
2017-04-21Update to 0.10(.0)Andreas Linz
2017-01-24Update to caddy 0.9.5Andreas Linz
2016-12-22Update to caddy 0.9.4Andreas Linz
2016-12-02Bump pkgrelAndreas Linz
2016-12-02Use go 1.7.4 buildsAndreas Linz
2016-10-31Use fixed ARMv6 buildAndreas Linz
2016-10-22Adds ARMv6 supportAndreas Linz
2016-10-06Use CI build packagesAndreas Linz
2016-10-06Do *not* remove `www-data` users homeAndreas Linz
2016-10-06Update patch checksumsAndreas Linz
2016-09-29Little correction on PKGBUILDThomas Fanninger
2016-09-29Update PKGBUILD versionThomas Fanninger
2016-09-29Add migration from user www-data to httpThomas Fanninger
2016-09-29Move 'patch' to makedepends arrayAndreas Linz
2016-09-29Install caddy to /usr/binAndreas Linz
2016-09-29Patch caddy's systemd service file to reenable capabilitiesAndreas Linz
2016-09-29Update to 0.9.3Andreas Linz
2016-09-21Update to 0.9.2Andreas Linz
2016-09-21Add missing pluginsAndreas Linz
2016-08-24Fix source link for armv7hAndreas Linz
2016-08-24Fix source link for armv7hAndreas Linz
2016-08-19Update to caddy 0.9.1Andreas Linz
2016-08-15Add install scriptAndreas Linz
2016-08-05Fixed arch parameter for arm64, thx to @bobobo1618Andreas Linz
2016-08-01Skip hash checksAndreas Linz
2016-07-27Fix the link to the migration guideAndreas Linz
2016-07-27Add `caddy-all-features` to conflicting packagesAndreas Linz
2016-07-27Change installation path of caddy binaryAndreas Linz
2016-07-27Add a link to the migration guideAndreas Linz
2016-07-27Check if `www-data` user existsAndreas Linz
2016-07-27updpkgsumsAndreas Linz
2016-07-21Initial commitAndreas Linz