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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-05-29updating pkgver, merging with cairo-ultimateSolomon Choina
2017-07-12Upstream upgrade to 1.14.10Dobroslaw Kijowski
2017-01-04Upstream upgrade to 1.14.8.Dobroslaw Kijowski
2016-04-14* Upgrade to 1.14.6.Dobroslaw Kijowski
* Download patches directly from github.
2016-02-16use bohoomil's git repo in order to update pkgMarcus Behrendt
2015-08-31Fix pkgbuild paths and conflict optionMaarten de Boer
2015-08-31Initial commitMaarten de Boer
2015-08-31Cairo vector graphics library with infinality patches appliedMaarten de Boer