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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-04Enabled check function.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-08-18Commented out check function.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-06-30Updated to use V8 6.8Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-06-11Removed mariadb-libs from depends.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-04-20Moved mariadb-libs from depends to optdepends.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2019-03-07Adopted package & updated PKGBUILD.Paul Hentschel (hpmachining)
2017-01-27changed depGrey Christoforo
2017-01-26fix dir structureGrey Christoforo
2017-01-26put the whole thing in /optGrey Christoforo
2017-01-26initial commitGrey Christoforo