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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
44 hoursVersion 7.0.1James Crompton
2019-10-036.4.5James Crompton
2019-07-10Version 6.4.4James Crompton
2019-04-21Version 6.4.3James Crompton
2018-12-29md5sum changed; add snappy dependencyJames Crompton
2018-11-16Version 6.4.1James Crompton
2018-05-29Version 6.3.4James Crompton
2018-04-01Don't wait for confirmation after saying nothing. Improved update/upgrade scr...James Crompton
2018-03-31Version 6.3.3James Crompton
2017-11-20Application icon name now includes version numberJames Crompton
2017-11-20Version 6.3.1James Crompton
2017-11-02Remove obsolete KDEHOME environmet variableJames Crompton
2017-11-01Variable language, no gstreamer0.10 dependencyJames Crompton
2017-09-29Installer md5sum changedJames Crompton
2017-07-19Version 6.2.4James Crompton
2017-02-09add gstreamer0.10-base dependencyJames Crompton
2017-02-09Version 6.2.1James Crompton
2016-08-26Cosmetic changes related to code managementJames Crompton
2016-08-15Version 6.1.5James Crompton
2016-03-09Don't re-download installer package on upgradeJames Crompton
2016-03-08Share code with cewe-fotoservice packageJames Crompton
2016-03-08Replace package name with $pkgname variableJames Crompton
2016-03-08Allow for update from within applicationJames Crompton
2016-03-08Create desktop file from scriptJames Crompton
2016-03-08Don't clear screen, further noise reductionJames Crompton
2016-03-08Adjust product name in mimetype commentJames Crompton
2016-03-08Find/respect KDE theme settingsJames Crompton
2016-03-08Remove installation logs and remaining unneeded mime cache fileJames Crompton
2016-03-08Include EULA in licenses directoryJames Crompton
2016-03-05Suppress redundant error messages. Don't show EULA/ask for confirmation if ce...James Crompton
2016-03-05Install directory set by variable to provide convenient choiceJames Crompton
2016-03-04Include all icons and mimetype in packageJames Crompton
2016-03-04Update to version 6.1.3James Crompton
2016-02-14updated to version 6.1.2Manuel Conzelmann
2015-07-27updated to new versionManuel Conzelmann
2015-06-16Initial importManuel Conzelmann