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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-09Fix PKGBUILD typoRaansu
2016-09-09Update PKGBUILD with patch fixesRaansu
2016-09-08Fix PKGBUILDRaansu
2016-09-08Fix sha256sum hash in PKGBUILDRaansu
2016-09-08Update pkgrel in the PKGBUILD to a higher valueRaansu
2016-09-08Emergency fix in PKGBUILD, I was using my own repo as a test and forgot to ch...Raansu
2016-09-08Emergency typo fix in patchfileRaansu
2016-09-07Add temporary patch fix until the fix is merged into the source code.Raansu
2016-03-05Add patchAnAverageHuman
2015-08-13(no commit message)Raansu
2015-08-04Cosmetic change, no real change to PKGBUILDRaansu
2015-08-02Update PKGBUILD with correct pkgverRaansu
2015-08-02Clean up depends and make dependsRaansu