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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-08-26update to 0.27René Wagner
2021-05-26fix build depsRené Wagner
2021-05-26update maintainer infoRené Wagner
2021-05-26update to 0.26.1René Wagner
add missing dependency 'python-pyaml'
2021-01-18update to 0.26.0René Wagner
introduce multithreaded build
2019-07-28version upgrade to 0.23.2Moritz Schönherr
2019-02-21version upgrade to 0.23Moritz Schönherr
2018-11-15version bumpMoritz Schönherr
2018-02-14bugfix: finally incorporating good suggestionsMoritz Schönherr
2018-01-15bumped version to 21Moritz Schönherr
2017-10-18added CFLAG = fPIC, needed to compileMoritz Schönherr
2016-06-20initial commitMoritz Schönherr