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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-15update to 5.9Uday Shankar
2017-12-13fixed a typoAidan Donahue
2017-12-13updated to 5.8.7Aidan Donahue
2017-12-12updated maintainerAidan Donahue
2017-05-27Correct sources arraypyamsoft
2017-05-27Ship with updated user config filespyamsoft
2017-05-27Add updated GALE configs to match current FasterMeleepyamsoft
2017-05-23Update for FM 5.0.3pyamsoft
2017-03-30Update pkgbuildpyamsoft
2017-03-29Patch the PKGBUILD to fix a build errorpyamsoft
2016-12-27Update SRCINFOpyamsoft
2016-12-27Add notes about possibly installing multiple versions along side each otherpyamsoft
2016-12-25Bump versionpyamsoft
2016-12-25Update pkgsums to current Gecko code filespyamsoft
2016-12-25Correct install name, bump pkgrelpyamsoft
2016-12-25Add faster melee install file, remove messages from the package functionpyamsoft
2016-12-21Change depends to match the git version of the packagepyamsoft
2016-12-21Requires to launch dolphin-emupyamsoft
2016-11-23Version bumppyamsoft
2016-11-23Add provides and conflicts for packagespyamsoft
2016-11-23Correct distributorpyamsoft
2016-10-19Add system GALE01r2 filepyamsoft
2016-10-19Add GALE01.ini config file and notes about where to put itpyamsoft
2016-10-19Intial commitpyamsoft