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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-06-07update to 0.3.1Devin J. Pohly
2022-06-07same approach to custom config.h as dwl-gitDevin J. Pohly
2022-03-20v0.3Devin J. Pohly
2021-12-22v0.2.2Devin J. Pohly
2021-05-27rename tarballDevin J. Pohly
2021-05-27add XWayland optdepend, don't sum config.hDevin J. Pohly
2021-04-08update to 0.2.1Devin J. Pohly
2021-03-10add wayland-protocols as a build-time depDevin J. Pohly
2021-02-16add config.hDevin J. Pohly
2021-02-16update to v0.2Devin J. Pohly
2020-12-25Add v0.1Devin J. Pohly