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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-16update to 4.7.0Raimar Bühmann
2019-09-09update to 4.6.0Raimar Bühmann
2019-07-03update to 4.5.0Raimar Bühmann
2019-05-27update to 4.4.0Raimar Bühmann
2019-05-07update to 4.3.0Raimar Bühmann
2019-04-26update to 4.2.1Raimar Bühmann
2019-04-06update to 4.2.0-2 with updated hash sumsRaimar Bühmann
2019-04-06update to 4.2.0Raimar Bühmann
2019-03-08update to 4.1.0Raimar Bühmann
2018-08-18update to 4.0.17Raimar Bühmann
2018-04-19update to 4.0.16Raimar Bühmann
2017-06-27update to 4.0.15Raimar Bühmann
2017-06-23update to 4.0.14Raimar Bühmann
2017-05-18update to 4.0.13Raimar Bühmann
2017-04-04update to 4.0.12Raimar Bühmann
2017-01-29update to 4.0.11-2Raimar Bühmann
2016-06-27update to 4.0.11Raimar Bühmann
2015-12-04update to 4.0.9Raimar Bühmann
2015-10-07add license.txt fileRaimar Bühmann
2015-10-07udpate to 4.0.8Raimar Bühmann
2015-09-26fix using moved dropins folder since MarsRaimar Bühmann
2015-06-18initial commitRaimar Bühmann