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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-05-24swapped qt4webkit dependency with qt4Joshua Hardy
2017-04-21updated package versionJoshua Hardy
2017-04-21fixed python path to use eman2 pythonJoshua Hardy
2017-04-05md5sum updateJoshua Hardy
2017-04-05regressed to eman2.12 until alpha is stableJoshua Hardy
2017-03-12fixed gui and env setupJoshua Hardy
2017-02-03fixed syntax error in eman2-installer scriptJoshua Hardy
2017-02-02updated to version 2.2. Added dependenciesJoshua Hardy
2016-04-11fixed python file headersJoshua Hardy
2016-04-10fixed PKGBUILDJoshua Hardy
2016-04-10initial commitJoshua Hardy