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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-27update to 1.1.3AngryUbuntuNerd
2019-10-23updated to 1.1.2d
2019-08-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-08-01updated to 1.1.1d
2019-05-29updated to 1.0.34d
2019-05-16updated to 1.0.33d
2019-04-12updated to 1.0.32d
2019-04-09updated to 1.0.31d
2019-02-03updated to 1.0.30AngryUbuntuNerd
2019-01-12updated to 1.0.28, added make dependencyAngryUbuntuNerd
2018-12-06fixed automake issued
2018-11-27updated to 1.0.27d
2018-10-22updated to 1.0.26d
2018-10-18updated to 1.0.25d
2018-10-02update to 1.0.23d
2018-09-14updated to 1.0.22d
2018-07-23updated to 1.0.18d
2018-05-25updated to 1.0.17d
2018-05-15updated to 1.0.16d
2018-04-28updated to 1.0.15d
2018-03-25updated to 1.0.13AngryUbuntuNerd
2018-03-07updated to 1.0.12d
2018-02-01updated to 1.0.11-1d
2017-12-29added 64 bit patchd
2017-12-12initial commitd