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6 daysUpdate to 68.0.2Gu1ll0me
2019-07-31Update to 68.0.1Gu1ll0me
2019-07-31Update to 68.0.1Gu1ll0me
2019-07-31Update to 68.0.1Gu1ll0me
2019-01-30Update to 65Arif Zeeshan
2019-01-30Update to 65Arif Zeeshan
2019-01-14Update sha256 sumArif Zeeshan
2019-01-14Update to 64Arif Zeeshan
2018-10-25Updatd Maintiner infoarifcatalyst
2018-10-25Update to 63arifcatalyst
2018-07-17Update to 61.0.1Guillaume
2018-07-04Update to 61.0Guillaume
2018-06-13Update to 60.0.2Guillaume
2018-06-03Update to 60.0.1Guillaume
2018-03-17firefox-ubuntu-bin - use SHA256 for hashesEmiel Wiedijk
Change the hash type to SHA256, since this is the most secure mainstream hash available now. This is especially important since this is the only source integrity verification currently used, and a browser is one of the most important parts of the system.
2018-03-17firefox-ubuntu-bin - update to 59.0.1Emiel Wiedijk
2018-02-11updpkgsumsEmiel Wiedijk
2018-02-10Update mail addressEmiel Wiedijk
2018-02-10Updpkg - firefox-ubuntu-bin 58.0.2Emiel Wiedijk
2018-02-01updpkg - firefox-ubuntu-bin 58.0.1aimileus
2018-01-28Fix packaging erroraimileus
2018-01-28delete copyright filesaimileus
2018-01-28initial commitaimileus