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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-11-26New minor releaseTomZ
2021-11-19New versionTomZ
2021-11-10Update to new versionTomZ
2021-08-09Update to latestTomZ
2021-05-04New versionTomZ
2021-03-29bugfix versionTomZ
2021-03-27Update versionTomZ
2021-02-18new versionTomZ
2021-02-07Update to 2021.01.1TomZ
2020-12-23Fixes and add logrotate.TomZ
Also disable tests for now, since some time based test failed upstream.
2020-12-07deployment fixes releaseTomZ
2020-12-07new releaseTomZ
2020-11-17bugfix releaseTomZ
2020-09-20New version 2020.06.2TomZ
2020-09-19New releaseTomZ
2020-08-16Update to next versionTomZ
2020-05-26Introduce 'flowee-libs' depTomZ
2020-05-26New releaseTomZ
2020-05-15new versionTomZ
2020-04-25new versionTomZ
2020-04-14Update to version 2020.03TomZ
2020-03-24add opt-depend miniupnpcTomZ
2020-03-24new versionTomZ
2019-12-18New versionTomZ
2019-11-16update to latestTomZ
2019-11-05add another build-depTomZ
2019-11-05fix syntaxTomZ
2019-11-05fix dependency missingTomZ
2019-09-06Update to next releaseTomZ
2019-06-19New release branchTomZ
2019-05-17Update to new release brachTomZ
2019-05-07new version 2019.04TomZ
2019-03-29Make this at least build againTomZ
2018-03-08also use api cookieTomZ
2018-03-08Make this actually compile and install Flowee.TomZ
This is a 'git' build.
2017-11-09Reserve the nameTomZ