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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-04Document pull request that would fix our shiboken/pyside hackSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-08-04Fix pkgver to ignore weird upstream "Staging" tagSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-06-22Fix freecad.desktop PathSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-04-03Autodect Python version so we don't break when it's updatedSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-04-03Convert to Python 3Sebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-03-15Bump pkgrel, remove duplicate dependency coinSebastiaan Lokhorst
2019-03-15Fix dependenciesSebastiaan Lokhorst
2018-10-18fix buildGrey Christoforo
2017-06-01Remove patches applied upstreamMarkus Hovorka
2017-03-30Change symlinks and list argumentsMarkus Hovorka
2017-03-29Clean up code and formattingMarkus Hovorka
2017-03-28Add netgen supportMarkus Hovorka
2017-03-18Delete old patch and update dependenciesMarkus Hovorka
2017-03-18Use opencascade7Markus Hovorka
2017-03-04Fix shiboken/pyside configure issuesMarkus Hovorka
2017-02-16Fix icon install & remove .installMarkus Hovorka
2016-09-22Use PKGBUILD from freecad-netgen-gitMarkus Hovorka
2015-08-05commit freecad-git 0.16.pre.r3.g192dca3-1Christian Hesse
2015-06-30initial import of freecad-git 0.14.1.r896.gaeabffe-1Christian Hesse