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2020-08-26Version 1.2.9.r22.g22d3d8fAxel Gembe
* Removed features= setting, the upstream project can now automatically detect the presence of system rocksdb. * Added optional dependency on jemalloc. Jemalloc is better suited for the memory usage pattern of Fulcrum, which is allocating/freeing lots of random sized buffers from multiple threads, resulting in lots of fragmentation.
2020-05-16Version 1.1.1.r0.g2bc06f1Axel Gembe
2020-03-18Version 1.0.4.r0.gdcbd99bAxel Gembe
2020-02-06Version 1.0.3.r0.ge561b1fAxel Gembe
2020-02-02Version 1.0.2.r0.g5943794Axel Gembe
2020-01-20Version 1.0.1.r0.g88ce10cAxel Gembe
2020-01-17Version 1.0.r8.g74ce8d5, use git describe in pkgverAxel Gembe
2020-01-17Version 74ce8d5Axel Gembe
2020-01-15Version d7d5c8eAxel Gembe
2020-01-15Add FulcrumAdmin toolAxel Gembe
2020-01-15Add python dependencyAxel Gembe
2020-01-15Version 3d75aefAxel Gembe
2020-01-14Version f926809Axel Gembe
2020-01-13Version 93c5bd5Axel Gembe
2020-01-12Version 65bc0feAxel Gembe
2020-01-12Version b858b34Axel Gembe
2020-01-11Version ee73e39Axel Gembe
2020-01-10Version 6e229b3Axel Gembe
2020-01-10Version 10925b3Axel Gembe
2020-01-09Version fa33cafAxel Gembe
This now uses the rocksdb package instead of the bundled static library.
2020-01-09Version 620559eAxel Gembe
2020-01-04Version a15bd23Axel Gembe
2020-01-04Initial versionAxel Gembe