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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-03Add version to provided package namesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-12-02Change revision numbering to include commit short hashAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-09-25Remove deprecated commands, add symlink to main libAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-09-10Install synthesis libAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-09-10Update url + enable synthesisAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-07-03UpdatesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2019-03-05Update for new GHDL git repositoryAdrien Prost-Boucle
2017-08-19Update urlAdrien Prost-Boucle
2016-10-30Get version string according to upstream updatesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2016-01-08Drop compilation for i386-only because x86-64 is now supportedAdrien Prost-Boucle
2015-12-14Update dependenciesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2015-12-02Initial commitAdrien Prost-Boucle